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We Believe in Simplicity

With the power of AI, we can greatly simplify your operational workflows so you can spend less time organizing data across various tools and focus on collaboration, strategy, and decision making.

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The Digital Transformation Toolkit


All Your Data in One Place

Integrate your various data sources into one place where you can easily organize, compare, and analyze your data. Our versatile big data platform can provide real-time integration with various data sources, including:

  • Excel Files
  • SQL Databases
  • Hadoop HDFS
  • MongoDB
  • Landmark Aries
  • IHS Enerdeq
  • Enverus DrillingInfo
  • and many more...

Powerful Forecasting Tools

Our platform makes it easy for engineers and managers to integrate data, perform runs, and visualize results for multiple scenarios. Benchmark multiple models including:

  • Advance data-driven and deep learning models.
  • Industry leading auto-DCA and fitting models.
  • Reduced-physics models built from data using AI.
  • Integration with common physics-based simulators.

Complete Operational Visibility

Get a top-to-bottom view of your operations in both space and time. As new data is streamed in real-time, our AI can help you find correlations between your production, sales, and expenses, and alert you when anomalies are spotted.

  • Aggregate data by any location, time, or category.
  • Automatically tag and classify events.
  • Get immediate alerts when issues emerge.
  • Predict trends days to years in advance.

High Tech, simple to use

How It Works


We help you integrate various databases, files, and 3rd party APIs using our connectors.


Behind the scenes, our AI streams data, forecasts it, finds anomalies, and generates KPIs.


You can access our dashboard from the cloud or on-premise to analyze and share data.

Results in Numbers

Lift Margins

Our modeling helped identify +$100MM/yr in oil recovery.

Cut Costs

Our economics tools helped cut $300K/mo for 600 wells.

Save Time

Our automation expedited analysis from weeks to minutes.

We Strive For Excellence

Our team of oil and gas and technology experts are committed to helping our customers improve their operations.

Success Stories

Our company engaged DeepCast to perform analysis of our operations and production data. They listened to our needs and enthusiastically tailored a custom solution that met our requirements. Their work brought new insights and saved us significant time and money when compared to performing the same work in-house. I will definitely use them again.

Reservoir Engineering Manager
Midsize Shale Operator

DeepCast's solution helped shave off weeks of effort re-calibrating models for our producing wells. The models were fast and finely tuned for our operational needs, allowing us to make timely and efficient field development decisions.

Field Development Manager
Major Oil and Gas Producer

Our cashflow was decreasing during several months in some leases and we did not have a way to identify the corrective actions. With DeepCast's platform, we were able to drill down more easily the field LOS and identified several non-economic wells and unnecessary expenses. We saved about 30% and are very pleased with the tool.

Sr. Production Engineer
Midsize Shale Operator

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